Ceylon Cinnamon: The Fragrant Spice Plant

As a spice, True, or Ceylon Cinnamon is used daily by people all over the world. But it has been valued for centuries for its health-supporting characteristics. It was so precious in the ancient world that it was used as a form of currency. Physicians in the Middle Ages used Ceylon Cinnamon in tonics to treat sore throats and coughs. The spice was widely used to preserve meat because of the plant’s bacteria-inhibiting characteristics.

Cherished for more than 2,000 years, the Egyptians were the first on the historical record to use Cinnamon. It is also mentioned as an ingredient in anointing oil in the Old Testament.

Ceylon Cinnamon Body and Mind Benefits

Research has identified Cinnamon’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes. Studies show that Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as Cinnamon zeylanicus, “reduces insulin resistance in the body and helps glucose metabolize in the liver.”  Researchers theorize that supporting healthy insulin levels may help slow the progress of dementia. Other studies confirm that Ceylon Cinnamon is also antioxidant-rich — so much so that it is considered a “superfood.”  ORGANIC INDIA Ceylon Cinnamon is sourced from cinnamon estates in Southern India.

Where is Ceylon Cinnamon grown?

ORGANIC INDIA Ceylon Cinnamon is grown on organic Cinnamon plantations in Southern India.

Ceylon Cinnamon for Healthy Conscious Living

ORGANIC INDIA’s Ceylon Cinnamon is organically cultivated according to ancient Ayurvedic regenerative cultivation practices to ensure the highest possible efficacy, or “prana.” All ORGANIC INDIA herbs are processed and tested in compliance with FDA and World Health Organization safety protocols.

At ORGANIC INDIA, we recognize the vast interconnectedness of life. From seed, to soil, to field, to factory, our products empower the farmers of India, promote environmental and economic recovery, and provide wellness solutions derived from nature’s intelligence.