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Обратная связь
Address: 21, Kypranoros Street, Nicosia 1061, Cyprus
Telephone: Cyprus +357 22 251170 Greece +30 21 12342202
  • Herbalista Ltd
  • Registration #: HE391188
  • VAT #: CY10391188S
  • Established: 2018

About Herbalista

HERBALISTA offers true well-being through conscious lifestyle choices. In our stores, you'll find support from trained consultants and products based on organic nutrition, stress management, and holistic health. HERBALISTA is a destination for education and information for a healthy, conscious life.

Established in 2018, HERBALISTA has gained the trust of thousands of customers, health professionals, and collaborating pharmacists, rated excellent in verified customer reviews on Google and online. Our commitment to true well-being and holistic approach has earned the appreciation of health professionals and our customers.

Experiential Destination

Step into our stores, where inspiration meets experience. Our stores are not just places for shopping; they are spaces for connection. Our well-trained consultants guide you to understand the underlying causes of your health condition, encouraging you to make healthy choices. Our warm and friendly staff go the extra mile to ensure your shopping experience is not just informative but memorable.

Total Health Support at HERBALISTA Stores

Discover a destination where education and information meet conscious living. Whether you want to reduce stress, boost immunity, enhance cognitive function, or simply feel better and more active, HERBALISTA is here for you.

HERBALISTA continues its mission towards a healthier and conscious life, offering products that reflect our commitment to true well-being and supporting your physical condition.

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