Herbalista's B2B Platform for Pharmacies, Health professionals & the HORECA industry

Vigo Kombucha Pro Health Beverages

Are you a pharmacy, health food store, or Horeca business looking to elevate your offerings with the finest natural and organic products? Look no further!

Herbalista Holistic Health & Wellness brings you an innovative B2B platform dedicated to serving health professionals and the Horeca sector in Cyprus and Greece.

Our carefully curated selection of specialized natural and organic health products includes:


Ayurvedic Herbal Teas and infusions: Ignite your customers' senses with authentic Ayurvedic blends that promote balance, wellness, and vitality.

Premium Vitamins and Supplement Brands: Source the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements for your customers' well-being.

Colloidal Silver & CBD Products: Offer your customers the power of natural remedies with our range of potent, high-quality colloidal silver and CBD products.

Medicinal Mushroom extracts and tinctures: We have partnered with the best European producers of certified Organic mushroom extracts.

Shilajit Products: Enhance vitality and rejuvenation with our premium Shilajit offerings, sourced from the Altai mountains.

Organic Kombucha Pro Health Beverages: Source of Probiotics and offers a variety of health benefits, including gut health support and immune system support.

Organic Superfoods: Sourced from the renowned industry leaders Organic India and Iswari 


We're proud to represent major international brands like Organic India, Doctor's Best, Garden of Life, Avalon Organics, Vigo Kombucha, MountainDrop, Iswari and to ensure that you can offer your customers the most trusted and respected products in the holistic health and HORECA industry. 

Join Herbalista Holistic Health & Wellness today and become a part of Cyprus's fastest-growing B2B platform, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of health professionals and the Horeca sector.

Apply now and embark on a journey of growth, success, and wellness with Herbalista Holistic Health & Wellness!


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