CBDfx, Organic CBD Tincture Oil, Zesty Orange, 30ml, 2000mg

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  • High-quality CBD oil
  • Coconut-derived MCT oil
  • Natural orange flavour
  • All-natural, vegan & gluten-free
  • 2000mg CBD per 30ml bottle
  • High Absorption
  • 100% organically grown, Broad-Spectrum CBD

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  • High-quality CBD oil
  • Coconut-derived MCT oil
  • Natural orange flavour
  • All-natural, vegan & gluten-free
  • 2000mg CBD per 30ml bottle
  • High Absorption
  • 100% organically grown, Broad-Spectrum CBD
  • 50mg per dropper / serving

What Are Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops?

Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops are a delightful way to enjoy all the health and wellness benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD. Each serving of Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops contains 50mg of CBD isolate, plus coconut-derived MCT oil for improved absorption. This delicious tincture is topped with natural orange flavour for zesty citrus enjoyment in every drop or spray.

Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops are available in a 2000mg bottle, which contains 40 servings of CBD oil. Zesty Orange CBD Spray is also available in a 2000mg bottle, with six pumps per 50mg CBD serving

The Benefits of CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil provides a variety of beneficial health and wellness effects, most of which emanate from the interaction between CBD and your body’s endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a cell-signaling system in your body that assists the various organs and systems (most notably, the central and peripheral nervous systems), helping them to maintain homeostasis, or balance. This assists the body in regulating such functions as motor control, appetite, memory, pain, mood, sleep, immune function, stress, and more. CBD and other cannabinoids (like CBG, CBN, and CBC), when consumed, mimic the body’s own neurotransmitters (called endocannabinoids), giving support to these various organs and systems. This results in a wide variety of health and wellness benefits.

CBD (cannabidiol) can also have a pleasant calming effect. When dosed properly, CBD oil can be a wonderful addition to your morning health and wellness regimen, relaxing tension in your mind and giving you greater focus throughout the day. People also take Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops to ease their nerves and calm stress, when needed.

Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops, it is recommended to be use the form of CBD known as CBD isolate. This ultra-filtered form of CBD hemp oil is 99% pure CBD and allows the added natural flavouring to take the spotlight.

The Benefits of MCT Oil

Coconut-derived MCT oil (medium-chain triglyceride oil) serves as a natural carrier oil in our Zesty Orange CBD Oil Drops, improving your body’s ability to absorb the CBD. This allows you to experience the effects of CBD quicker and enjoy a deeper CBD experience.

Why Buy a CBD Tincture from CBDfx?

The CBD oil used in all CBDfx products is extracted from hemp containing no GMOs, herbicides, pesticides, or other potentially dangerous chemicals. We use clean and safe oil extraction processes, so you won’t have to worry about solvent residues as you might find in cheaper CBD tinctures. You can confirm the purity and potency of all of products by checking the third-party lab reports provided on the CBDfx UK website. When you use a CBDfx product, you’re getting the safest and most effective CBD products in the UK.

How To Use

Shake well before use. Place 0.75 mL of oil (50mg CBD) with the dropper under your tongue and hold for one minute before swallowing. Use once per day and do not exceed recommended daily intake.

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