Rå Hygge, BIO Shiitake Mushroom Coffee, Whole Beans, 227g

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  • Dual Extract Shiitake Infused
  • Arabica Beans from Peru
  • Roasted in Sweden
  • Low Acidity (almost neutral pH)
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan
  • 100% Certified Organic

Medium roasted low-acid coffee with Shiitake mushrooms

Recommended dosage:
Measure 14 grams of Shiitake coffee for one cup of low-acid mushroom coffee. We recommend two cups per day.

227 g / 8 oz. 18 cups per bag.
Our Shiitake mushroom coffee is also available as a filter or espresso ground.


*In coffee, while acidity in taste refers to the perceived sensory experience, pH acidity represents the actual chemical acidity measured. A low pH value means a higher acidity level, for example, pure water is neutral with a pH of 7.

The lower the acidity level in coffee, measured by pH, the more your body will appreciate a more balanced boost generated by a cup of coffee. In other words, low-acid coffee can be a preferable choice for people sensitive to high acidity in coffee or those seeking a gentler option for their digestive system.

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Бренды Rå Hygge
SKU 5745000836123
Pack Quantity 8
Масса 0.300000
Order Code HYG-83612
Диетические условия Без ГМО, Не содержит глютен, Веганский
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