Alce Nero, BIO Arabica Moka Coffee 250g

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The Alce Nero mocha blend is Fairtrade certified.

The Alce Nero mocha blend is Fairtrade certified.

The Faitrade Alce Nero blend for moka pots is made exclusively from arabica coffee cultivated at an altitude of between 1250 and 1800 metres, in the shade of other fruit or timber trees, by the farmers of our Prodecoop members in Nicaragua and Coop Norandino in Peru.

The coffee is lightly toasted and modified atmosphere packaged. Packaging is fitted with an aroma-saving valve which preserves the identity and all the strength of the original flavour. Light and easy to pair, with all the flavour of traditional espresso coffee, the Peru and Nicaragua Arabica coffees mutually support each other, in a full-bodied flavour with hazelnut and fruit notes, for a coffee with a pleasant, clean after-taste.


    100% arabica coffee blend from Latin America*�. *Organic;�Fairtrade.


      Store in a cool, dry place After opening, store the product in an airtight container.

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