MountainDrop, Yerba Mate Blueberry Herbal Energy Drink Blend with Magnesium & Shilajit, 330ml

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  • Energy boost without side effects
  • 100% natural flavors and ingredients
  • Added magnesium citrate
  • Colorants and preservatives free
  • With added high-quality Mountaindrop Shilajit



The perfect balance of blueberry juice, yerba mate tea, and Shilajit is refreshing and so pleasant to drink that you’ll immediately want another one.

Yerba mate is a unique plant species native to South America, known as the local “superfood”. Not only is it rich in caffeine, but it also contains an astonishingly rich list of beneficial ingredients. Yerba Mate tea also goes through a fermentation process, which enriches it, makes it good for our digestion, and makes it perfectly carbonated. Yerba Mate is also known to boost your metabolism and, consequently, help you lose fat and weight faster.

Secondly, magnesium citrate is added. Magnesium is responsible for muscle development, energy metabolism, helps your bones to stay healthy, and greatly affects how much vitamin D3 your body can absorb. Super important not only for athletes but everybody who knows the importance of mineral balance in our bodies.

Thirdly, Mountaindrop Shilajit. If you’re new to it, Shilajit is an ancient herbal substance with over 85 minerals and vitamins, amino acids, fulvic acid, hippuric acid, phospholipids, DCPs & DBPs, 60 macro-and microelements, and an effective phytocomplex amongst other beneficial substances the human body needs to function optimally. Shilajit has been consumed for thousands of years in Asia and is regarded as the ultimate revitalizer.

From boosting cognitive and mental functions to supporting physical, emotional, and spiritual processes, Shilajit does it all.



This particular Shilajit comes from the Altai Mountains complex mountain system of Central Asia extending approximately 1,200 miles (2,000 km). The jagged mountain ridges derive their name from the Turkic-Mongolian Altan, meaning “golden.” But don’t be fooled by its size, since the Altai mountains don’t contain many places where you can find Shilajit. There are only a few locations where it comes to the surface and covers the mountainsides like thick black tar. However, the locals know about unique places where this black resin covers the steep mountainside at 3000m of altitude, which simultaneously offers a spectacular view.



Firstly, Shilajit that secretes through the cracks in the rock is supposed to be collected and immediately cleaned with clean and warm spring water. Shilajit is seperated from dirt and everything else unwanted. Many Shilajit providers don’t use clean water since it means a significant cut down on the cost of Shilajit production. As a result, the finished product is unclean and sometimes even hazardous to your health since it can contain unwanted heavy metals that can damage your body.
Getting you the best quality of 100% pure Shilajit can be guaranteed  since gladly provide all the necessary certificates required to make such a statement. All of Shilajit is extracted using the purest water without using any chemical compounds. 


Shilajit is double checked. First time for its authenticity. Since it’s common to mix all kinds of materials that resemble Shilajit, it’s essential to know where your Shilajit is coming from and if you’re even dealing with the real thing. Secondly, it is tested for heavy metals.

All products are manufactured in a GMP certified manufacturing process, and upkeep highest standards at all times. Each batch of Shilajit is laboratory tested for heavy metals, bacteria, purity and auhtenticity. 


1 can:
Shilajit: 200 mg
Magnesium citrate: 200 mg
Caffeine: 82 mg



Take 1 – 3 cans per day.



Store at ambient temperature and not directly exposed to the sun.

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Nutritional Information

  Nutritional value


 Energy value kj/kcal

 77kj/18 kcal



 of which saturated 




of which sugars







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