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About colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a powerful antiseptic that can destroy more than 650 pathogens, as reported by Dr Margraf. Silver is generally effective against infectious diseases (virus microbes, bacteria or fungi). Colloidal silver also offers regenerative properties with regard to cells, allowing it to facilitate healing, etc. Users should always be careful to choose the right method of administration to ensure maximum effectiveness.

IMPORTANT: Since 1 January 2010, the ingestion of colloidal silver has not been authorised in the European Union, although the formulation has not changed and no side effects from silver colloidal have been reported to the FDA. Ingestion is not permitted because colloidal silver has been registered as a cosmetic product in the EU since the aforementioned date (More information here).

The following data is provided for information purposes only and applies in countries like Switzerland where colloidal silver is considered a dietary supplement.

Naturopath Approved

Methods of administration

To get the best results, you have to choose the correct method.

Liquid colloidal silver can be used in three different ways: internally, externally and through nebulisation.

Colloidal silver gel is only used externally. It is the recommended choice for any external problems, as it is offers better skin absorption.

Internal Use

Internal use

To help fight infectious diseases 
10 ml per day for adults (or 30 sprays)

5 ml for children (or 15 sprays)


    • leave the liquid solution under the tongue for 1 minute before ingestion 

    • take the solution at least 15 minutes before eating to optimise the body's absorption of colloidal silver 

    • carry out treatments over a maximum of 3 months and leave 1 month between treatments 

    • there is no need to dilute colloidal silver. 

    • allow 1–4 weeks to see results.

External Application

External application

To help counteract any issues with the skin & mucous membranes (eyes, nose, ears, etc.) and promote healing

3 applications of liquid/gel per day


    • allow to the solution dry naturally or use as a soaked compress for improved results 

    • we recommend using the gel on the skin and mucous membranes as it offers better absorption, allowing for better performance.



To help with any respiratory problems

Up to 3 sessions of 5 ml per day (15 ml/day maximum)

Nebulisation is carried out using a nebuliser (prices start at less than 50 euros), allowing the silver to reach the lungs quickly without losing any of the solution, offering more targeted action and greater effectiveness. If it makes you cough, add a little sea salt and shake.

More Information

More information

Please read this additional information carefully

Pets can also benefit from the advantages of colloidal silver (1 ml per 7 kg per day for internal use & the same recommendations provided for humans for external use). 

Colloidal silver should be stored in a dark place at room temperature (e.g. inside a medicine box). For the gel, be sure to keep the cap on to avoid oxidation and discolouration (although it remains just as effective when oxidised). 

Herxheimer reaction: Your symptoms may temporarily worsen after taking colloidal silver due  to the detoxification of the body. We recommend halving your doses, or stopping altogether if  the symptoms are too difficult to manage. 

No interactions have been reported with any products. 

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