Herbal Teas

  1. Yogi Tea Organic Alkaline Herbs, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Ayurvedic herbal blend with dandelion, nettle and levnder Pleasant, light and harmonious Learn More
  2. Yogi Tea Organic Detox, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Eases the mind Contains cinnamon and dandelion Regenerative Learn More
  3. Yogi Tea Organic Echinacea Tea, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Ayurvedic spice blend Bitterness of Echinacea Sweetness of fennel and cardamom Spice of... Learn More
  4. Yogi Tea Organic Ginger Lemon, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Ayurvedic ginger, lemon zest, and peppermint infusion Refreshingly sweet taste For a sense of... Learn More
  5. Yogi Tea Organic Ginseng, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Ayurvedic blend of 16 herbs and spices Tea with earthy character Learn More
  6. New
    Yogi Tea Organic Immune Support, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Provide natural support to the immune system Bitter and sweet ayurvedic blend Rich in natural... Learn More
  7. Yogi Tea Organic Stomach Ease, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Ayurvedic herb and spice tea blend Soothing  Support for healthy digestion Learn More
  8. Yogi Tea Organic Throat Comfort, 17 Bags]
    Τιμή €3.50
    Ayurvedic herbs and herbal tea infusion with fruit extracts Spicy recipe Mildly sweet... Learn More
  9. Yogi Tea Organic White Tea w/ Aloe Vera, 17 Bags
    Τιμή €3.50
    Ayurvedic herbal blend with basil, daisy & turmeric Slightly sweet  Neutralises Vata &... Learn More
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