Cell Check Health Assessment

Cell-Check is a revolutionary method for measuring the bio-availability of micro-nutrients, minerals, toxic heavy metals, and oxidative stress, and is now available as a service by Herbalista.

The Cell Check platform is guaranteed to give personalized, quick and pain-free results using the advanced assessment tools such as the spectrophotometer and the oximeter. 

What does Cell-Check diagnose?


Real time evaluation of potential heavy metal excess, bioavailability of minerals, trace elements, vitamin and oxidative stress.

Exposure to heavy metals scientifically proven

The negative effects of heavy metals on the human body are documented by numerous publications from worldwide research institutes as well as by specialized doctors.


Heavy metals cause serious diseases

Heavy metals remain in the cells (especially in neurons, the pancreas, liver, lungs and kidneys) for a lifetime, where they also cause damage. They are responsible for serious diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, auto-immune, and degenerative problems as well as hair loss, skin problems, severe fatigue, and migraines. They are also the largest suppliers of free radicals, which in turn are the cause of more than 200 serious diseases and ailments.


Exact detection of nutrients

The diagnosis to determine a lack of nutrients or an exposure to heavy metals has hitherto been complicated, expensive, and partly indirect and thus inaccurate.


Based on spectral photometry

With the Cell-Check Spectrometer, a revolutionary technology based on spectral photometry, our specialist is now able to produce a stable, reproducible measurement of the most important minerals and toxic metals, directly at the cellular level.

Detection and elimination of interactions

In addition, due to well-researched interactions between minerals and metals, possible disturbances in physiological systems can be recognized and remedied.


Risks for disease development

All physiological processes of the body such as energy production, detoxification, immunity, metabolism, hormonal regulation, etc. are dependent on minerals, micro-nutrients, vitamins, proteins and fatty acids. If these micro-nutrients are administered sub-optimally, poorly absorbed, or leached by increased oxidative stress, by metal poisoning or other exposures, the risk of disease development can be increased.


Optimal nutrient supply supports health

Conversely, it can be assumed that an optimal supply of nutrients can contribute to the maintenance of good health.