About Herbalista

Natural organic and ethically sourced wellness and beauty products 

We at Herbalista are firm believers in natural healing for both inner and outer beauty. A holistic approach that addresses every aspect of health and beauty.

Our vision is to become an independent distributor to source brand leaders which that enhance a natural lifestyle.

We have a profound respect for nature therefore our products are chosen as carefully and responsibly as possible. We aim to source products from suppliers  that share the same vision as us and are driven by formula transparency. 

Our suppliers use only trusted and sustainable sources for their ingredients and packaging.

In respect for all living creatures our products are cruelty free.

Our aim is to provide the health conscious customer with the highest possible quality, health and beauty products at great value.

Products that are safe to use and safe for the Earth.

Herbalista Team

We are a passionate team of professionals who have embraced and follow a natural and organic living lifestyle. We are here to seek/source out the most effective natural and organic products and deliver expert advice and service.